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Employment Screening Compliance Forms

The following compliance forms are available for download to help clients understand their compliance obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Sample documents should NOT be construed as legal advice. Employers should consult their own attorney about their compliance responsibilities under the FCRA and applicable state law. ADB expressly disclaims any warranties or responsibility arising out of information provided in these forms.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) can be read in full here.

Source: Federal Trade Commission Website

1. California Credit Report Release Form
Credit reports for California require a separate Release Form.

2. Disclosure & Authorization Form
FCRA sample form. ALL Applicants must sign this form before processing a background check.

3. New York Article 23-A
To be provided to NY applicants / employees.

4. Pre-Adverse Action Letter (Employment)
FCRA sample form.

5. Adverse Action Notification (Employment)
FCRA sample form.

6.  Adverse Action Notification (Non-Employment)
FCRA sample form.

7.  EVS Terms and Conditions
Equifax required form. Employment Verification Services (EVS) Terms and Conditions must be signed by all users of Equifax services.

International Criminal Screening Forms

Download any of the following forms to assist with Criminal Searches performed in the listed countries below.

International General Release Form

Bermuda Criminal Release Form

China Screening Form for PRC Citizens

France Criminal Release Form

United Kingdom Forms

Ordering Instructions: UK Criminal National Basic Disclosure

Ordering Data Form: UK Basic Disclosure

Subject Consent for UK Basic Disclosure

ID Verification Instructions: UK Criminal National Basic Disclosure